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This is pointed at the rhymer

(ricochets off the moon)

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"I inspired me" - Kanye West
Before I utter words and before I start to begin

Finally, a community for fandom drifters, who love Lupe, Rihanna, NERD and the whole crew as much as they love Pete Wentz, Gerard Way and Greta Salpeter.

Here is a place where you can indulge your love for hip hop, however secret it may have been before. And if it wasn't secret? Then what the hell were you waiting for?! Get in here!

We welcome fic, we welcome crossovers*, we welcome incoherent raving about how much you want someone to write Lupe/Patrick or Chris Brown/Ne-Yo. Tour news, album drops, collaborations, remixes, gossip, beef. We want it all. (But especially the fic. Seriously. Fic.)

Let me make sure you clear

The mods here love hip hop and love the rappers and the singers we know, but at the end of the day, we are both quite clueless about it all. So the interests list is really not the be all end all of this community, and we welcome - no, we beg! - you to teach us about the rest.

Play nice with your peace sign up; you all know how fandom works. Don't make us roll our eyes.


Your mods are heartequals and dreamofthem, if you have any questions feel free to drop by one of our journals and ask. We're pretty much the friendliest mods ever.